IO6: Soft Skills for Engineers (PBL)


6 Videos about Dos and Don’ts on presentation performance

6 animated videos about tips for presentation performance

3 videos with testimonials from Greek and Croatian students


Bjelovar University of Applied Sciences, Croatia & Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

This part of the BADGE project aims at developing sustainable soft skills among engineering
students with a strong focus on presentation skills and working on a project in an international team.

Students are integrated throughout the project in different roles -and this contributes to their
personal development. In particular:

  • In 2nd semester, students are involved as learners,
  • In 3rd semester they become designers and active presenters,
  • In the 4th semester they act as teachers
  • In the 5th semester they are materials producers

The students are not only taught presentation skills in a foreign language, but they hand on this
knowledge to younger generation students by teaching it to them. Moreover sustainability is
achieved by maintaining tele-presentations between the two universities in the years to come, after
the project is completed because some of its stages can be carried on in the future since they do not
require any funding in order to be implemented.

The deliverables of this project are materials which address student and teachers needs. In
particular, podcasts and other material presenting techniques and tips will be prepared for students
and Open Education Resources material which will describe step by step how to organise a
presentation skills course, will be created.