Digital Badges

Digital badges can be created and issued to recognise competencies, skills, achievements or attitudes. They can then be shared by the recipients as part of a digital CV or displayed on platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook, facilitating transparency of educational qualifications on an international scale, thus prioritising internationalisation as well.

In the case of BADGE, if you are a teacher who has used some of our resources with your students and would like them to receive a digital badge to recognise the skills and competencies they have developed, please send a list of the students (including their full names and institutional email addresses, and indicating which resources you have used with them) to Our team will then issue the corresponding digital badge as soon as possible.

Once students have collected 5 badges, they will get a certificate attesting their LSP, global competence and digital skills on demand. This certificate will attest larger competences than a language certificate alone. Students can also earn their badges in an engineering school abroad which has implemented at least one of the courses based on the materials of the OER platform. The content of the certificate can be stated in the Europass, if the university has implemented it.

We use the Open Badge Factory online platform ( to create and issue and manage our badges.

Check if your students can collect their badges on your learning management system (moodle or canvas with a badge backpack). Otherwise they have to creat an account on Open Badge Passport ( to collect the badges. The email you send us has to corrrespond to the email the account on Open Badge Passport belongs to.