IO5: Architectural Voices



University of Pavia, Italy


IO5: Architectural Voices helps students develop their own architectural voice by adjusting their compositional skills to a variety of professional genres unique to the architecture and construction professions. The IO also works to enhance the technological competence and ability to choose the medium most appropriate to audience and message, an ability which is required by job positions in the construction sector.


This IO complements the other IOs of the BADGE Partnership because it addresses some of the specific educational challenges that are faced by Architectural and Civil Engineers, while at the same time relating to the IO aimed at developing e-communication skills (IO 03) and those focusing on global competence (IO 04 and IO 07). The skills acquired in IO5 enhance the students’ overall confidence in their communication skills, and the whole process will empower them to find their own voice when describing a work of architecture, thus advancing their observational and descriptive skills of both aesthetic and functional characteristics of a building.

Target Groups

Architecture and Construction Engineering students

Intellectual Output Description

The IO of the work package primarily developed by University of Pavia will be student-produced podcasts, videocasts, architectural walkthroughs.

The podcasts and videocasts will be produced both remotely (via telecollaboration) and on site by students of both Universities, together with language teachers and architecture and construction professionals.

The final product will be a collection of multimedia language resources related to architecture and place, incorporating recordings of students’ narratives of completed buildings and urban environments; oral presentations of the students’ own architectural projects; podcasts of practitioners’ authentic language recordings.

Complementary learning materials will also be created jointly by language teachers, practitioners in the construction field and students.

Expected Outcome

The learning materials will be made available through the BADGE OER platform.